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Killer Boobies Podcast

Feb 18, 2020

Nutrition coach Karen Monetti is a former body building champion and winner of the WNBF Universe and World title (World Natural Bodybuilding Federation). Karen had breast implants for 13 years which were slowly poisoning her.  Now she is warning women about the dangers of breast implants and serving as a nutrition coach to help women recover their health after explant surgery. 
Karen boldly shares her story in her documentary: The TRUTH about Breast Implants. You can find this on YouTube.
“Every day you have those implants in your body - your body is FIGHTING to stay alive.  We develop these auto-immune diseases because you don’t have the immune support to fight off anything else”. - Karen Monetti
In the podcast Karen shares the nutritional strategies she used while healing from explant surgery.  Reach out to Karen if you need a coach to help you with the nutrition process before and after explant surgery.